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2019 DXC and ICXOM-25 Call for Papers

Deadline for Abstract Submissions for DXC and ICXOM is being extended until 22 March

Inviting papers in all areas of X-ray analysis.  The size and congeniality of the conference make it ideal for presenting your work, interacting with colleagues, and seeking the advice of experts.

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Session Chairs and Invited Speakers are listed below. The complete Program will be announced on this website before May 2019.



New Approaches in Imaging (Invited papers only)


U.E.A. Fittschen, Clausthal University of Technology; Germany;

T.G. Fawcett, Emeritus, ICDD, USA

Spatial and Temporal Exploration of Heterogeneous Catalysts with Synchrotron Radiation; F. Meirer, University of Utrecht, The Netherlands

Multimodal Imaging Using Lyncean’s Compact Synchrotron Source; B. Hornberger, Lyncean Technologies, USA

X-ray Imaging from Tissues to Cells to Subcellular Structures; G. Woloschak, Northwestern University, Feinberg School of Medicine, USA


New! Student Session - Education in X-ray Analysis


M. Schmeling, Loyola University Chicago, USA,

This session is dedicated to student research, and is for student presenters only. All areas of X-ray analysis are welcome (XRD, XRF, Synchrotron). The Denver X-ray Conference Organizing Committee encourages students to submit their abstracts for oral presentation and take this opportunity to present at an international conference amongst student peers. Become better acquainted with fellow students in X-ray analysis, and the X-ray community as a whole. Faculty mentors, encourage your students to submit!

New Developments in XRD/XRF Instrumentation (vendor/commercial presentations permitted)


T. Fawcett, Emeritus, ICDD, USA,

A. Drews, Ford Motor Company, USA;

Abstracts should be submitted by technical representatives of a manufacturer. They should discuss specifications, and applications concerning one of their newest and most important products. Talks should include comments about software, XRD and XRF equipment, and accessories. No mention of prices or a comparison with competitors' products can be included.

X-ray and Forensic Investigations


C. Greenwood, Keele University, UK,

K. Rogers, Halo X-ray Technologies, UK;

New Insights into the Identification of Bone Fragments in Forensic Science; E. Arnold, Cranfield University, UK

Handheld X-ray Diffraction for Forensic Applications; G. Hansford, University of Leicester, UK

High Speed Detection of Narcotics using Novel X-ray Diffraction Methods; K. Rogers, Halo X-ray Technologies, UK

Machine Learning Techniques in X-ray Analysis


A. Mehta, SLAC, SSRL, USA,

Title to be announced; J. Gregoire, Caltech, USA

Title to be announced; A.G. Kusne, NIST, USA

Cultural Heritage


M. Schmeling, Loyola University Chicago, USA,

Title to be announced, L. Dussubieux, Field Museum, USA



General XRD


C. Murray, IBM T.J. Watson Research Center, USA,

Welcoming abstracts in all areas of X-ray diffraction and related techniques.



K.H. Stone, SLAC, SSRL, USA,

Can we Trust Structure Determinations from Powder Data?
P. Stephens Stony Brook University, USA



T.R. Watkins, ORNL, USA,

In-situ 3D Strain Mapping in Engineering Materials with X-ray Computed Tomography;
E. Cakmak, ORNL, USA

Title to be announced;
H. Choo, University of Tennessee Knoxville, USA


Pair Distribution Function


O. Borkiewicz, K. Wiaderek, APS, ANL, USA,;

Invited speakers to be announced.

Applied and Functional Materials


I.C. Noyan, Columbia University, USA,

J.R. Bunn, ORNL, USA,

Title to be announced; R. Vaidyanathan, University of Central Florida, USA

Small Angle X-ray Scattering of Advanced Functional Materials


J. Ilavsky, APS, ANL, USA,

F. Zhang, NIST, USA,

USAXS/SAXS/WAXS as a Powerful In-Situ Approach to Understand Helium Bubble Kinetics in Metals: From Crystal Defects to Meso-Scale Bubble Growth; J. Hammons, LLNL, USA

From Membranes to Superconductors: Functional Mesostructured Materials Enabled by In-Situ and High-Throughput SAXS;
P. Beaucage,

Extracting New Kinds of Information from Scattering Data;
K. Yager, BNL, USA



General XRF


C.G.  Worley, LANL, USA,

The Critical Role Portable XRF Played in the Discovery and Delineation of the Rarest Economic Mineral Deposit on Earth - Pollucite at Sinclair, Western Australia; N. Brand, Geochemical Services and Portable XRF Services, Australia

Environmental XRF and PIXE Applications with Public Health Implications; G. Peaslee, University of Notre Dame, USA

Industrial Applications of XRF


D. Broton, CTLGroup, USA,

How to Use and How Not to Use Certified Reference Materials in Industrial Chemical Metrology Laboratories
J.R. Sieber, National Institute of Standards and Technology, USA

Quantitative Analysis of XRF


L.L. Brehm, Dow Chemical Company, USA,

Matrix Correction Methods for XRF Analysis of Oils; K. Kawakyu, Rigaku Corporation, Japan

Actinide Characterization using Selective Optics and High Resolution X-ray Spectroscopy; K. McIntosh, LANL, USA

Total Reflection Energy Dispersive X-ray Fluorescence for Analysis of Human Samples: from Cells to Tissues; A. Pejovic-Milic, Ryerson University, Canada

Trace Analysis including TXRF


D. Eichert, Elettra-Sincrotrone Trieste, Italy,

Reliable TXRF Quantification and Standardization Ventures; B. Beckhoff, PTB, Germany

Trace Analysis: Quantification Problems in 1, 2 or 3 Dimensions; M. Kraemer, AXO Dresden, Germany

Nanoscopic Quantitative X-ray Fluorescence Imaging of Cells with a High Energy X-ray Cryo Nano-probe; S. Bohic, ESRF, France

Food Safety and Agriculture Applications


K. Russell, Bruker Nano Analytics Division, USA,

Using Portable XRF to Facilitate Nutrient Management Planning; L.M. McDonald, West Virginia University, USA

Use of Portable and Micro XRF to Study the Correlation of Root Depth with Leaf Elemental Accumulation; M. Hanlon, Penn State University, USA




X-ray Optics

Chairs: U. Fittschen, Clausthal University of Technology, Germany;; S. Vogt, APS, ANL, USA,

Aberration-Corrected Optics for Diffraction-Limited Nanofocusing; F. Seiboth, DESY, Germany

Quantitative, Total Metal Imaging Using 3D Confocal X-ray Fluorescence Microscopy at the Micron Scale; A. Woll, Cornell, USA

Multilayer Laue Lenses for High Resolution X-ray Applications; A. Kubec, PSI and Fraunhofer IWS Dresden, Switzerland

New Detectors and Instrumentation


P. Siddons, BNL, USA,; J. Thieme, BNL, USA,

Title to be announced; G. Tinti, Paul Scherrer Institute, Switzerland

Hard X-ray Full-field Transmission X-ray Microscopy at NSLS-II; W.K. Lee, BNL, USA

Title to be announced; D. Shapiro, LBNL, USA

Advanced XRF and SR Nanoprobes


A. Lanzirotti, The University of Chicago, USA,; C. Sun, ANL, USA,

Nanoscale Multimodal X-ray Imaging at NSLS-II; Y. Chu, Brookhaven National Laboratory, USA

Title to be announced; P. Cloetens, ESRF, France

Data Analysis


F. De Carlo, W. Di, ANL, USA,;

Improving X-ray Tomography Reconstruction and Analysis using Deep Learning; D. Pelt, CWI, The Netherlands

Advanced Ptychography Data Analysis; S. Marchesini, LBNL, USA
Computed Tomography at High-Speeds; D. Gursoy, ANL, USA

Biological Applications


G. Falkenberg, K. Spiers, DESY, Germany,;

Imaging Metals in Single Cells at the Nanoscale and the Accompanying Quest for Quantification; B. de Samber, Universiteit Gent, Belgium

Investigation of Metal Distribution and Speciation in Plants by Cryogenic μXRF and μXANES Tomography; H. Küpper, Czech Academy of Sciences, Czech Republic

Adventures in Iron Biochemistry: X-ray Spectroscopy as a Tool for Studying Biological Iron Coordination Chemistry; S. James, The Florey Institute of Neuroscience and Mental Health, Australia

Earth & Environmental Sciences


D. Eichert, Elettra-Sincrotrone Trieste, Italy,

U. Fittschen, Clausthal University of Technology, Germany,

Samples from Mars and How to Study Them; J. Thieme, BNL, USA

X-ray Tomographic Investigations of the Distribution of Bacteria within Soil Aggregates; K. Kemner, ANL, USA

Do the Naica Giant Crystals Deteriorate Due to Human Activities; M.E. Montero-Cabrera, Centro de Investigación en Materiales Avanzados, S. C., México

Cultural Heritage


K. Janssens, University of Antwerp, Belgium,; M. Schmeling, Loyola University Chicago, USA,

Lab X-ray and SR Studies of Cultural Artefacts; E.S. Pouyet, NU-ACCESS and Northwestern University, USA

Combining X-ray and Visual Hyperspectral Imaging for the Investigation of Painted Cultural Heritage Objects; M. Alfeld, Delft University of Technology,The Netherlands

Functional Materials


F. Meirer, Utrecht University, The Netherlands,

G. Pepponi, Fondazione Bruno Kessler, Italy,


The Function of Heterogeneous Catalysts as Revealed by X-ray Absorption Spectroscopy; S.R. Bare, Stanford SSRL, USA

Trace Element Imaging of Bone using micro- and nano-XRF; C. Streli, TU Vienna, Austria

Multimodal Imaging of Solar Cells during In-Situ and Operando Experiments; M. Stuckelberger, DESY, Germany

Abstracts are hereby solicited for oral presentations in any of the sessions listed, or the XRD, XRF or ICXOM-25 poster sessions. Poster sessions will be held on Monday (XRD) and Tuesday (XRF/ICXOM-25) evening of conference week.

Presentations may be moved among oral sessions, or to a poster session, at the discretion of the Organizing Committee.  Every attempt will be made to contact the submitting author if this is necessary.

The Organizing Committee considers the withdrawal of an abstract after it has been accepted and advertised as highly nonprofessional (except in special circumstances). Please try to secure travel funding and approvals before submitting an abstract.




Special Topics in X-ray Analysis



Introduction to X-ray Computed Tomography

Combined  XRD & XRF (EDS) Applications

Sample Preparation and Experimental Conditions for XRF and XRD

Basic to Intermediate XRD

Rietveld – Full Day

SAXS Data Reduction and Analysis of Specific Types of Samples – Full Day

Micro Strain Mapping

Basic XRF

Quantitative Analysis of XRF – Full Day

Micro and Energy Dispersive XRF

Trace XRF

Handheld XRF



Abstracts are hereby solicited for oral presentations in any of the sessions listed, or the XRD, XRF or ICXOM-25 poster sessions. Poster sessions will be held on Monday (XRD) and Tuesday (XRF/ICXOM-25) evening of conference week.



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